Values Of Organisation

  • Transparent, honest & fair dealings
  • Fast & proper communication
  • Compliance of law beyond legal framework
  • Independence, integrity and decision making by professionals
  • Respect of employees and team work
  • Code of conduct for Board members and Senior management
  • Ethics of business & Fair business policies
  • Trust & Confidence of stake holders , customers and society
  • Social responsiveness
  • Growth with Goodwill

Values Followed By Employees

Fenestra employees clearly understand company culture. Even as a term of employment no one is allowed to eat pan or pan masala or tobacco, etc. or to take alcohol or to smoke in or around company premises on duty or off duty.

The success of an organization is a team effort, playing their role in harmony, under proper leadership. Fenestra is professionally managed by the Board of Directors which is assisted by a team of Qualified and experienced professional executives. Team sets limits to what can be attained, bring the plans into effectiveness and translate the actions into results. Our people understand their respective professional dimensions of work and the proper way to treat people who report to them.


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