About Us

Fenestra Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd with registered office at Bangalore is a leading marketing arm of branded generics with over hundred brands in the pipeline .The company will establish firm footholds by the year 2015 to be a leading player in all the therapeutic ranges like cardiology ,diabetology , antibiotics and general range .Fenestra Pharmaceuticals provides 100% quality medicines from leading manufacturers having WHO GMP certified plant at an affordable cost .The company intends to foray into oncology to provide quality medicines at an affordable range to all the patients suffering from cancer.

Our Mission

Provide world class quality drugs at an affordable price in all therapeutic segments to alleviate pain and sufferings to open a world of happiness.

Our Vision

To be a major player in branded generics by the year 2015 and gain substantial market share in the domestic market & to make our products feature in the top 5 in org.



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